“Body Psychotherapy was life changing.  I am not the same person that I was as a result of the personal work I have done.”
~ P.L., LCSW, Ft. Lauderdale

“I learned to be more comfortable in my body which helps me trust myself more and therefore trust others.”
~ B.L. Ph.D. W. Palm Beach

“Body Psychotherapy has profoundly changed the way I live and the way I practice.  It’s allowed me to be more grounded and integrate.”
~ S.A. LCSW, Kendall

“I became aware of feelings that were dormant in my body’s cellular structure.  reclaiming my voice and freedom of expression healed my malfunctioning thyroid.”
~ E.B. LMHC, Miami

“Body Psychotherapy helped improve decision making for clients in utilizing body techniques to find resolutions.  This has been a highly effective and expedient way to engage and teat clients.”
~ J.S., LCSW, CAP, Lighthouse Point

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